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Bear Swimming Invasion In Parsippany, NJ

WATCH: Mama Bear And Cubs Go Swimming In Backyard Pool

Five cubs, one mom made themselves at home in a Rockaway Township above ground pool this week.

In Parsippany, NJ

It may be called the dog days of summer, but the bears are feeling the heat, too.

As a heat wave rolled through New Jersey to start the week, followed by humidity and rain as the week came to a close, one family of bruins couldn’t bear the temperatures anymore.

So one mother bear and all five of her cubs took a dip in a Rockaway Township home’s backyard pool. The Basso family stood and watched from their second floor window as the visiting family played, splashed, and made themselves at home in the yard.

The family’s daughter wasn’t too keen on her furry counterparts playing with her toys, either.

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